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Office Locations

Centro Medico Ambrosiano
Via Ezio Biondi, 1 - 20154 Milano
Tel: +39 02315112  - Fax: +39 02316861
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Clinica del Viso
Piazza Repubblica, 21 - 20124 Milano
Tel. +39 02 63611932
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Travel information for out-of-town patients

Patients seeking Prof. Palma’s advice and surgery arrive from various European and international cities. No matter where your flight started, you will find that the airports in Milan provide excellent connections to the City Centre. Milan offers a wide variety of hotel accommodation, from top-quality to plain but comfortable hotels. In addition to the medical reasons for your trip, you may also wish to take advantage of Milan’s world-famous historic sites, such as its magnificent Cathedral, breath-taking opera house "La Scala", amazing art-galleries, superb cuisine, and glamorous fashion boutiques. 

Below, we have provided a list of airports, hotels, and restaurants for your convenience. You may also wish to take advantage of Milan’s efficient Metro for rapid and reasonably priced cross-city travel. Airport transfer information can be found on the Internet. For rapid travel across the City, Milan Metro provides an efficient metro and bus service.

Hotels in Milan are often booked well in advance. It is advisable to contact your hotel of choice as soon as you have made plans to arrive in Milan. You are kindly encouraged to check on the Internet about the availability of special flight+hotel offers.

Restaurants in Milan cater for tastes and budgets. Often, you will find wonderful restaurants in quiet side streets that serve excellent food at reasonable prices. As with many great cities, restaurants around famous historic sites tend to be more pricy.