Nose Tip sculpting 2Nose Tip sculpting 1Nose Tip sculpting

Nose tip sculpting

Nose tip sculpting prima e dopo Creating a natural-looking nose tip sculpting with a subtle interplay of lights and shadow is the result of sophisticated techniques adapted to specific patient’s anatomy

nose job revision 2nose job revision 1nose job revision

Revision rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty before and after photo Minimally invasive surgery or structural reconstructions will provide patients that had multiple operations with noticeable benefits, but not every patient can be helped.

Sotto ruotato
Drooping tip before and after 2Drooping tip before and after 1Drooping tip before and after

Drooping tip

Drooping tip before and after Here the nose is simply less-than-elegant. Changing both tip position and columellar contour will provide the patient with a more natural and youthful appearance.

5over projected nose
nose job smaller nose 1big nose to small nose rhinoplastynose job smaller nose

Big, over-projected nose

Reduction rhinoplasty before and after Simply, a nose too large for the face. Reducing the nasal size requires modification of several anatomical elements to achieve an harmonious dorsum-tip-lip relationship.

setto nasale deviato 1setto nasale deviatoTwisted nose 1

Twisted nose

Twisted nose A twisted nose provides the surgeon with unique challenges. It is very hard to create a perfectly straight nose, but significant improvements are frequently achieved.

naso a sella rinoplastica milano
saddle nosesaddle nose before & after 1saddle nose before & after

Saddle nose

Rhinoplasty saddle nose before and after This complex functional and aesthetic problem requires reconstruction of the nose, either segmental or total rebuilding. I only use tissue from the patient, mostly cartilage.

rhinoplasty male before and after 2rhinoplasty male before and after 1rhinoplasty male before and after

Rhinoplasty for men

Rhinoplasty male before and after Male rhinoplasty is not “feminizing” the nose, but correcting nasal imbalances while preserving the masculine nose features, typically a prominent, straighter bridge.

Rinoplastica gibbi/gobbe prima e dopo
rhinoplasty hump removal before and after 2rhinoplasty hump removal before and after 1rhinoplasty hump removal before and after


Rhinoplasty hump/bump before and after The commonest problem in rhinoplasty. But not every hump is just a hump. Most of the times also tip position has to be changed to create a more balanced profile line.

Rinoplastica casi speciali prima e dopo 1
rhinoplasty before and after special cases 2rhinoplasty before and after special cases 1rhinoplasty before and after special cases

Special cases

Special cases rhinoplasty before and after  Patients may present with highly unique and unusual problems. A sophisticated analysis and a tailor-made approach pave the way for a successful outcome

nose job before and 7 day afterrhinoplasty before and after 7 day afterrhinoplasty before and after 7 day

7 days after

Rhinoplasty before and after 7 day Boxing Day… The removal of the dressings is a wondrous moment. in few weeks, a reduction of swelling and tip over-rotation will give her the nose what she always wanted.