Pietro Palma, MD, FACS


My Way

I am a surgeon whose professional activity is entirely devoted to the practice of rhinoplasty.

My belief is simple. The way to master any art form comes only with a singular commitment to it. Only then, do I believe that one can master and predict the outcomes of this finest surgery.
My zenith rewards…the sharing of a YOUnique rhinoplasty journey with my patients and the enhancement of their self-confidence with their renewed self. In conclusion it is a journey as life changing for them as it is for myself.

Real Patients, True Outcomes

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Pietro Palma Teaches Endonasal Hybrid Rhinoplasty

Mentorship Programme

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Cutting-edge surgical education. All in one place.

Milano Masterclass (MiMa) has become the most globally recognised meeting in the field of rhinoplasty and endoscopic sinus/skullbase/orbit surgery. The two segments, Milano Rhinoplasty and EndoMilano, are directed by surgeons Pietro Palma and Paolo Castelnuovo, respectively.
Amongst the plethora of meetings, MiMa remains unique in its ability to bring people together from around the globe for a few days of intense teaching and learning in a supportive, friendly atmosphere. At MiMa 2017, the delegates arrived from 67 countries. All seats were taken weeks before the start.
There are many reasons for this amazing global success. First of all, the unparalleled scale of lectures, presentations, and videos delivered surgical education that might be envied, but hardly duplicated. Always to the point, and relevant to the daily challenges faced by endoscopic and rhinoplasty surgeons, the Faculty created an outstanding atmosphere for free exchange of ideas. Also, delegates witnessed how the masters handled hair-raising emergency and complicated situations, and coped with seemingly hopeless scenarios. What makes MiMa really unique is also its “good feeling factor” due to warm Italian hospitality, quality cuisine during coffee and lunch breaks, stunning Gala dinners set in the splendour of historical Italian palaces.