Teenage rhinoplasty: is there a minimum age for a nose job?

At what age can you undergo a nose surgery? Do you have to be of legal age for a rhinoplasty? What are the differences between nasal surgery for adults and for adolescents? How much does teenage rhinoplasty cost? These more than legitimate questions are very common among teens who don’t like their somatic traits and therefore also among their worried parents.

We know that adolescence is a specific age. During this challenging but exciting period young people explore and accept their personality, identity, values, and physical appearance. However, a 15-16 year old person may have a hard time living with a disproportionate, ungraceful nose that he or she doesn’t like and, thus, doesn’t accept.

Due to its central position on the face the nose is of a crucial importance for facial harmony and balance. There is a close connection between the nose shape and what we identify and perceive as our identity.

We would like to clarify some common doubts about adolescent nasal surgery, with regard to its’ aesthetic and/or functional background, what to expect when looking at photos of teenage nose job before and after.

Rhinoplasty in teenagers: motivations and preliminary evaluations

Given the premises, it is not surprising that many boys and girls reach the rhinoplastic surgeon with the request for a nose job at 15-16 years, if not earlier. However, when a minor asks for a nasal plastic surgery, the specialist primarily has to carry out an extremely profound analysis and evaluation of pros and cons to perform a rhinoplasty

The surgeon has to consider the psychological state and awareness of the young patients. What does exactly stay behind the request and what is the motivation for a nose job at 17-18 or even earlier? Especially nowadays, with a huge and, unfortunately, often dramatic impact the social media have on the perception of the body image, boys and girls must clearly realize that aesthetic perfection is an unrealistic concept. The way the style icons and social media celebrities look in real life is often pretty far away from the image they present. The crucial point is to understand that the reality can strongly differ from the glamorous image. And the final outcome of teen rhinoplasty depends on individual features such as anatomy, skin type, and so on.

In teenage rhinoplasty, the surgeon has to thoroughly analyze various aspects to prevent undesired consequences and complications. For instance, it is better for the bone structure to have completed its development before surgery.

At the very end, teenage rhinoplasty relates to the maturity of a patient, both physiological and psychological, the right management of his/her expectations of the procedure, the possibilities and limits in each individual case and the genuine motivation.

Before operating, the surgeon must see and evaluate the young patient at least 2-3 times. The simulations have to be as much realistic as possible to help patients to better imagine themselves with the new profile and face in order to prevent the potential psychological post-operative shock of “not recognizing him-/herself” .

Teenage Rhinoplasty before and after

My Patients’ Journey with Me

Teenagers and surgery: what is the ideal age for rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty undoubtedly is one of the Top 5 reasons why teenagers consult surgeon and is the most common aesthetic surgery procedure in this age group. Although there is no minimum age for this surgery, the ongoing period of facial skeleton growth and development requires specific precautions. Preliminary assessments must take into consideration the anatomical differences between the structure and development of the male and female nose. According to the data available in medical literature, nose -reaches 90% of its development:

  • around 13-14 years for girls and
  • around 15-16 years for boys So, what is the minimum age for nasal surgery? In general, it is recommended to wait until patients reach an age of at least:
  • 15 years to operate on the male nose (rhinoplasty for boys);
  • 14 years for the female nose (rhinoplasty for girls).

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Nose job at 15-16 years: when to operate a teenager

When the nasal defect is quite obvious and the patient dissatisfaction with the nose and the overall facial appearance is not linked to a distorted perception of his or her personal image, it can be reasonable to contact a surgeon. So, when is it possible and advisable to operate a minor? Generally, the rhinoplasty in adolescents is peformed:

  • In case of health problems or severe nasal dysfunctions resulting in breathing disturbances (pronounced deviations of the nasal septum or congenital dysmorphism);
  • To relieve or resolve a strong psychological discomfort associated with the physical imperfections (pronounced hump, drooping tip, asymmetries, etc.).

Parental consent of both parents is essential and mandatory for performing teenage rhinoplasty. The surgeon should thoroughly evaluate both physiological and psychological maturity of the patient, his/her motivation for undergoing this procedure and than make a conclusion about the possibility of performing a rhinoplasty and its potential outcomes

Getting a nose job at 17-18: when it’s better to wait a few years

Evaluating the request for nasal plasty in minors, the surgeon will have to use all his experience. Only the specialist can decide whether to operate on the adolescent or to postpone the surgery. Sometimes it may be advisable to postpone the surgical procedure for a few years, especially if:

  • the young patient has unrealistic expectations or labile and unclear  motivations;
  • the anatomical development is still in progress;
  • the possible and realistic results risk not to satisfy the expectations;
  • the complained aesthetic defects are barely perceptible.

The surgeon will have to study the motivations, anxieties, and complains of a young patient profoundly. The best way in rhinoplasty teenage journey is to collaborate with parents, applying maximum of wisdom, professional ethics, transparency and patience. In case of any doubt about surgery, the most wise and mature decision would be to suggest to a patient to wait a few years to get nose job after coming of age.

Teenage rhinoplasty: frequent doubts

In addition to the minimum age to perform a rhinoplasty, teens frequently ask other questions to the surgeon. Let’s briefly answer the main doubts about nose jobs at 15-16 and nose jobs at 17-18.

Will I have to be operated on again when I’m older?

This risk decreases the more experienced, attentive, and dedicated the surgeon. A precise preliminary preoperative evaluation in primary surgery allows to minimize the need for a revision surgery afterwards. Secondary rhinoplasty is always a more complex operation than primary, therefore sometimes it may be advisable to wait a few years for the teenage nose job.

Will I recognize myself after the surgery?

Again, the surgeon’s eye, hand, and mind make the difference. Rhinoplasty in adolescents, as well as in adults, is not intended to alter the features but to bring harmony. We do not want to reach an unrealistic ideal of beauty: we want to correct imperfections while respecting individual anatomical and psychological characteristics. We perform simulations to present the patient the new realistic aspect of his/her profile and face. That’s why we aim to make them as realistic as possible. By helping the patient to imagine the possible outcome of a rhinoplasty,we try to prevent post-operative shocks caused by dramatic changes and missing self-identification.

When can I resume sports after surgery?

After teenage rhinoplasty, all the nasal the structures need some time to settle down. So the patient must follow 2-3 weeks of complete rest before resuming sports activities. We suggest to wait for:

  • Three weeks after surgery, before returning to a moderate physical activity  and slowly increasing the intensity;
  •  At least two to six months for contact sports and all other sport activities with an increased potential risk of trauma.

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Rinoplastica negli adolescenti: dubbi frequenti

Oltre a interrogarsi sull’età minima per la rinoplastica, gli adolescenti che si rivolgono al chirurgo si pongono tipicamente alcune domande. cerchiamo di rispondere in breve ai principali dubbi sulla rinoplastica a minorenni (dai 15-16 anni).

Dovrò essere operato un'altra volta quando sarò più grande?

Se ci si rivolge a un chirurgo di esperienza, scrupoloso e con una forte etica del lavoro, questo rischio è minimizzato. È proprio per evitare al giovane paziente di dover essere operato più di una volta che il chirurgo indaga così a fondo le sue motivazioni e valuta attentamente lo sviluppo anatomico. La rinoplastica secondaria è un’operazione sempre più complessa rispetto alla prima: ecco perché in alcuni casi è preferibile aspettare qualche anno e rifarsi il naso a 18 anni.

Mi riconoscerò ancora dopo l’intervento?

Anche in questo caso, a fare la differenza sono l’occhio, la mano e la mente del chirurgo. La rinoplastica negli adolescenti, così come negli adulti, non ha lo scopo di alterare i lineamenti della persona, quanto piuttosto di armonizzarli. Non vogliamo raggiungere un ideale il realistico di bellezza, ma vogliamo correggere delle imperfezioni nel rispetto delle caratteristiche anatomiche e psicologiche della persona. Le simulazioni proposte hanno proprio lo scopo di presentare al paziente il nuovo aspetto del suo naso e del suo viso: per questo motivo puntiamo a realizzarle nel modo più realistico possibile, così da accompagnare il paziente nel metabolizzare i cambiamenti, evitando ogni possibile shock post operatorio.

Quando posso riprendere l'attività sportiva dopo la chirurgia?

Dopo l’operazione occorre osservare 2-3 settimane di riposo completo prima di riprendere l’attività sportiva per dare tempo alle strutture di assestarsi. Quindi:

  • è possibile riprendere un’attività sportiva leggera a intensità crescente circa 3 settimane dopo la rinoplastica;
  • per gli sport di contatto e per tutte le attività che presentano un potenziale rischio di traumi, è invece consigliabile attendere almeno due-sei mesi (a seconda delle valutazioni individuali).

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