Male rhinoplasty: beyond the “perfect nose”

Rhinoplasty can dramatically improve facial features. For this reason, it is increasingly in demand not solely among women but also among men. Male nose job follows the standards that differ from the female rhinoplasty: surgical retouches are by no means a sign of feminization. On the contrary, the ideal beauty standards for the male nose are very different from those of the women’s nose.

While ladies generally desire small, delicate noses with a slight slope, men tend to prefer a straight, well-defined and powerful profile without a rotated nasal tip. As you can see in any photo gallery dedicated to the male rhinoplasty before and after, this procedure can have a great impact on the elegance of the profile. However, there is no such thing as the perfect male nose – this is an abstraction, an idea with little to no connection to the reality.

Men generally want a well-defined and strong nasal profile, with tan overall appearance of the nose characterized by very distinctive features. Sometimes even a slight hump intentionally left after the rhinoplasty is considered as a sign of masculine charm. The aim of the nasal plasty is to correct different deformities and aesthetic imperfections, from removing a bump on nasal dorsum, getting an overall symmetry and balance to reshaping the tip. The outcome of the nasal surgery mainly depends on the individual anatomy and patient’s desires in rhinoplasty  Through a careful preoperative analysis and meticulous planning, the surgeon can achieve stunning results.

The cost of male rhinoplasty generally corresponds to the surgeon’s experience and his/her expertise in the field, to the professionalism of the team as well as to the quality of the services provided by the clinic.

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Nasal surgery: aesthetic and functional benefits for men

Can men get a rhinoplasty? The answer is a firm yes. Nasal surgery is by no means a women’s prerogative. Nowadays more and more men of all ages willing to undergo a rhinoplasty to improve their facial appearance. From the aesthetical point of view, the perfect man’s nose should be well-proportioned and masculine. In addition to the purely cosmetic reasons, nasal surgery may be needed to amend breathing or/and snoring problems. Being an important and prominent part of the face and having a paramount aesthetic impact on the entire facial appearance, nose is also the key element of the whole respiratory system. This is the organ where aesthetic and function are inseparably linked together. In fact, an external crooked nose very often corresponds to an internal deviated septum, hence probably causing difficulties in nasal breathing.

Summing up, we can state that:

  • Men are interested in undergoing a surgery in order to resolve respiratory problems related to different degrees of septal deviation or turbinate hypertrophy. Typical male functional complaints include heavy breathing, short breath, snoring. Nasal surgery can significantly improve the respiratory function in daily life and during sport activities as well as reduce snoring, thus improving the night rest. These functional results may not be that evident in “Nose jobs – Male before and after” gallery, but a lot of men experience dramatically improvement of the life quality after the surgery.
  • Men also want a nose job done to bring harmony and balance to the face and become more attractive. The most common aesthetic imperfections in male rhinoplasty are the dorsum hump, crooked nose, hooked tip, and the deviated septum.

How much men should spend for a nasal plasty in Milan

The economic component of the surgery certainly deserves a careful consideration. However, it would be impossible to estimate the exact cost of the surgery without evaluating many factors.

The price can vary depending on:

  • the complexity of that particular operation,
  • the experience of the medical staff;
  • the duration of surgery,
  • the type and location of the clinic, etc.

Correction of the nasal septum and deviated nasal pyramid may take longer time and involve different methods than a simple rasping of the hump. Such factors as positioning of the columella and nasal cartilages, skin condition and thickness of the soft tissues envelope (SMAS) can add more complexity to the surgery of the nasal tip. Many variables are correlated with the particular type of nose and the defect to correct. Therefore, it would not be ethical, professional or realistic to indicate an approximate cost for male nasal plasty. Worth to mention is, that the cost of the rhinoplasty should not be considered as the main factor. For example, the selection of an experienced surgeon deserves a higher priority.

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The aim of the first consultation is to make a correct diagnosis of your external and internal nose as well as to evaluate your past medical history. Specific nose-related symptoms will be evaluated by taking a thorough history, a nasendoscopy, and performing morphological analysis of the external nose. Finally, I will take professional quality photographs of your face and nose for detailed analysis.


The first consultation is not aimed to sell a product. It cannot be free of charge as it is a very specialized consultation lasting 30’-45’ by an international rhinoplasty expert using high tech-tools in a modern, comfortable and well equipped medical office.


As each case is different, a standard cost cannot apply. Costs are related to the extent of surgery and the duration of the operation. Within the first 48-72 hours of the first consultation, a detailed quotation will be emailed to you.


As your surgeon, I will adapt my technique to match your specific anatomical findings and with respect to your wish list of desirable changes. Due to my decades of dedicated rhinoplasty surgery, I can call upon a vast array of techniques in order to safely cope with the myriad variants of nasal anatomy.

I prefer closed (endonasal) rhinoplasty for most of my patients in order to be respectful of nasal anatomy and avoid unnecessary surgical aggressiveness. In more complex cases, I use an “hybrid” closed approach that allows me to utilize techniques commonly used in the open approach (sutures, grafts) but without opening the nose. I opt for the open approach in severe malformations or in specific revision cases.


The nose is a complex structure in which form and function are intimately connected. Almost always, rhinoplasty is a septo-rhinoplasty because the septum not only plays a functional role, but also contributes to common problems of the external nose. Examples include: crooked nose, hump, drooping tip, excessive nasal length, over-projection of the nasal tip, just to name a few of the common deformities seen in my practice.

Inferior turbinates are probably the commonest cause of nasal obstruction, and their treatment is commonly associated with septo-rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty. Modern, minimally invasive endoscopic techniques allow the surgeon to manage these important structures precisely and conservatively.
Therefore, it is absolutely indispensable that your rhinoplasty surgeon possesses specialist training and substantial experience in treating problems of the internal nose.

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