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Male rhinoplasty: beyond the”perfect nose”

Rhinoplasty can dramatically improve facial features, so it is increasingly in demand even among men. Male nose job follows standards that differ from female rhinoplasty: surgical retouches are by no means a sign of feminization. Conversely, the ideal beauty standards for the male nose are very different from those of women’s nose.

While girls generally desire small, delicate noses with a slight slope, guys tend to prefer a straight, well-defined, and powerful profile, with a less rotated nasal tip. As you can see by looking at any Gallery dedicated to male rhinoplasty before and after, this procedure can lend a manly elegance to the profile. However, there is no such thing as the perfect male nose – this is an abstraction, an idea with little to no adherence to reality.

Guys generally want a defined and prominent nose, with very distinctive features. Sometimes even a slight hump on the back is considered a sign of masculine charm. Anyhow, the outcomes of nasal surgery depend strictly on individual characteristics: few things are more personal than rhinoplasty. Nasal plasty can correct many conditions and aesthetic imperfections, from removing a bump on nasal dorsum to reshaping the tip.

Through careful analysis and meticulous preparation, the surgeon can achieve stunning results, but these are only partly related to what one is willing to pay: obviously the cost of male rhinoplasty generally corresponds to the quality of the structure, to the surgeon’s experience, and the value of his/her team. But apart from that, it has nothing to do with the surgical goals: these are related to the structures of the bone cartilage and the whole set of somatic features.

For more information on male nose job cost, procedure, and possible outcomes, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email or via the contact form.

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Nasal surgery: aesthetic and functional benefits for men

Can guys get rhinoplasty? Of course, nasal surgery is by no means a women’s prerogative. Today more and more boys and young men require rhinoplasty to improve their appearance. In addition to purely cosmetic reasons, nasal surgery may be needed to improve difficult breathing or correct snoring conditions. Often, in fact, a crooked nose corresponds to a deviated septum which can cause in turn breathing difficulties.

The perfect man’s nose should be well proportioned and masculine. But in addition to being a distinctive feature of the face, it corresponds to the first part of the respiratory system: therefore it must allow regular breathing. Regardless of the reasons, when operating a man the surgeon will pursue specific objectives, in full compliance with the structures and the gender-specific aesthetic standards. In fact, rhinoplasty for men should not aim for the same type of appearance that women aspire to.

Summing up:

  • Most guys resort to surgery to resolve respiratory problems related to septal deviation or turbinate hypertrophy. Typical male conditions include snoring, heavy breathing, or short breath. Nasal surgery can improve the respiratory function.
  • On the other hand, guys may also want a nose job to bring harmony to the face and become more handsome. The most common aesthetic imperfections are the hunched or humped dorsum, the hooked tip, and the crooked septum.

Nasal surgery can reduce snoring by improving night rest and the flow of air during sports. These differences may not be evident in “Nose jobs – Male before and after” galleries, but many guys experience significant life improvements after surgery.

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How much a guy should spend for a nasal plasty in Milan

The economic variable certainly deserves careful consideration. However, it would be impossible to indicate the exact cost of surgery without evaluating many factors. It can in fact vary based on:

  • the complexity of that particular operation,the hours spent in the operating room,
  • the type and location of the facility,
  • the experience and training of the medical staff, etc.

Correction of a septum and a deviated nasal pyramid may take longer and involve different methods than simply filing the hump. Columella, cartilage, adiposity, and skin alone can add complexity to the plastic of the nasal tip. Many variables are related to the particular type of nose and defect to correct. Hence, it would not be honest, professional, or realistic to indicate an approximate cost for male nasal plasty. Furthermore, in the choice of the surgeon, are other evaluations deserve priority.

In general, we can say that a rhinoplasty in Milan can have a minimum cost of ____________, up to a maximum of _____________. But these are only generic indications calculated on the average costs of male rhinoplasty in Milan and are in no way binding or definitive.

If you would like more information on the cost of man’s nose-jobs or a preliminary consultation, contact us for information. You will find out if you are an ideal candidate for surgery and you can request a non-binding quote on male rhinoplasty in Milan.

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The aim of the first consultation is to make a correct diagnosis of your external and internal nose as well as to evaluate your past medical history. Specific nose-related symptoms will be evaluated by taking a thorough history, a nasendoscopy, and performing morphological analysis of the external nose. Finally, I will take professional quality photographs of your face and nose for detailed analysis.


The first consultation is not aimed to sell a product. It cannot be free of charge as it is a very specialized consultation lasting 30’-45’ by an international rhinoplasty expert using high tech-tools in a modern, comfortable and well equipped medical office.


As each case is different, a standard cost cannot apply. Costs are related to the extent of surgery and the duration of the operation. Within the first 48-72 hours of the first consultation, a detailed quotation will be emailed to you.


As your surgeon, I will adapt my technique to match your specific anatomical findings and with respect to your wish list of desirable changes. Due to my decades of dedicated rhinoplasty surgery, I can call upon a vast array of techniques in order to safely cope with the myriad variants of nasal anatomy.

I prefer closed (endonasal) rhinoplasty for most of my patients in order to be respectful of nasal anatomy and avoid unnecessary surgical aggressiveness. In more complex cases, I use an “hybrid” closed approach that allows me to utilize techniques commonly used in the open approach (sutures, grafts) but without opening the nose. I opt for the open approach in severe malformations or in specific revision cases.


The nose is a complex structure in which form and function are intimately connected. Almost always, rhinoplasty is a septo-rhinoplasty because the septum not only plays a functional role, but also contributes to common problems of the external nose. Examples include: crooked nose, hump, drooping tip, excessive nasal length, over-projection of the nasal tip, just to name a few of the common deformities seen in my practice.

Inferior turbinates are probably the commonest cause of nasal obstruction, and their treatment is commonly associated with septo-rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty. Modern, minimally invasive endoscopic techniques allow the surgeon to manage these important structures precisely and conservatively.
Therefore, it is absolutely indispensable that your rhinoplasty surgeon possesses specialist training and substantial experience in treating problems of the internal nose.

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