Female rhinoplasty: the most requested facial cosmetic surgery procedure

Rhinoplasty is the most requested facial cosmetic surgery procedure ever. Although it is not a gender-related operation, it is mainly women who address the surgeon to change the shape and size of the nose. Being a fundamental feature of the face, the nose defines a woman’s personality, style and beauty. A simple glance at some photos of women before and after rhinoplasty is enough to realize the impact of this operation on the whole facial appearance.

Sooner or later, while looking for information on nasal plasty in internet, you may come across one of those galleries of “female rhinoplasty – before and after photos” that can be found on almost every website. Whereas the “before surgery” photos usually demonstrate large, disproportionate, curved, hooked or hunched noses, the after-nose-job pictures show more delicate, well-defined results with slightly upturned tips, straighter dorsum and smaller nostrils.

For the majority of women the crucial intension for undergoing a rhinoplasty is to make their noses smaller, more elegant and proportionate. Therefore, photos of rhinoplasty before and after female surgery differ mainly in terms of balance, proportions and grace. Comparing the aims of female and male rhinoplasty, the key difference lies in the pursuit of gaining delicacy and softness for ladies while providing a strong definition for men. The key differences in objectives to reach in female and male rhinoplasty lie in the pursuit to gain delicacy and sweetness in females, and strong definition for men.

While choosing the specialist to have your nose-job done, many facts are to ponder. The cost of female rhinoplasty is certainly one of them. However, even though this aspect is important, the cost of the female nose job cannot and should not be the key variable at stake To obtain the maximum aesthetic and functional result make sure you go to the best specialist in the field. An experienced, skilled and superspecialized surgeon can transform a woman’s appearance, enhancing her natural beauty without distorting facial features.

Female rhinoplasty before and after

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Why female nose jobs are so in demand: accessible surgical procedures with natural results

In the early days cosmetic surgery and rhinoplasty were prerogatives of celebrities and affluent women. Nowadays, these procedures are very popular and increasingly requested at the great roots. There are two main reasons for this phenomenon:

  • The decrease in surgery costs: female nose-job cost has become more accessible
  • The progress of technology and medical science: thanks to more accurate preoperative analysis and innovative surgical techniques, we can achieve more stable and beautifully natural results in rhinoplasty.

Modern surgery allows to achieve more precise, harmonious and predictable outcomes. The result is so natural that one could even hardly recognize the patient has had a rhinoplasty.

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Female VS male rhinoplasty: the differences

In planning and performing a surgery, the rhinoplasty specialist must keep in mind many individual aspects. Anatomical, physiognomic and even psycho-emotional characteristics of each patient are fundamental. As mentioned earlier, gender is also a key aspect, as the objectives and approaches in male and female rhinoplasty vary.

  • Male nose job aims to straighten the nasal dorsum, creating strong lines and features that are desired and highly requested in a man’s face. The surgeon must avoid the”feminization” of the male nose.
  • In female rhinoplasty, the surgeon seeks to create more delicate and graceful profile by lowering the nasal dorsum, narrowing the tip and nostrils as well as giving more upward projection for a better tip definition. Comparing the before and after rhinoplasty female pictures, we can define a general trend: women aspire to emphasize their femininity by softening the facial features and restoring their natural grace, inner balance and self-confidence.

What is the most attractive female nose? Rediscover your natural beauty, balance, and self-confidence

Current aesthetic canons characterize a straight dorsum with a tip rotation up to 104-108 degrees, as a feature of the “mathematically perfect” nose. Among celebrities, Kate Middleton, has the most coveted profile. Followed by Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, Rhianna, and Jennifer Lopez, the profile of the Duchess of Cambridge has triggered a boom in requests for aesthetic rhinoplasty.

Even though the Duchess’s nose profile is so impeccable that it gave its name to a surgical trend, we should always remember that rhinoplasty is not only the most common, but also the most sophisticated facial plastic procedure. Individual facial features determine the result. Just a simple replication of someone’s nose respectless to individual facial features can lead not only to an unsatisfying and unpleasant aesthetic result, but also have a dramatic psychological impact, resulting in a lacking self-recognition.

A surgical scalpel in hands of a skilled and experienced surgeon can correct in a natural way almost any type of defect (upturned, aquiline, snub-nosed, hooked, flattened, saddle-shaped etc.), significantly improving your appearance without distortion and disruption of your uniqueness.

Be unique. Be true. YOU.

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The aim of the first consultation is to make a correct diagnosis of your external and internal nose as well as to evaluate your past medical history. Specific nose-related symptoms will be evaluated by taking a thorough history, a nasendoscopy, and performing morphological analysis of the external nose. Finally, I will take professional quality photographs of your face and nose for detailed analysis.


The first consultation is not aimed to sell a product. It cannot be free of charge as it is a very specialized consultation lasting 30’-45’ by an international rhinoplasty expert using high tech-tools in a modern, comfortable and well equipped medical office.


As each case is different, a standard cost cannot apply. Costs are related to the extent of surgery and the duration of the operation. Within the first 48-72 hours of the first consultation, a detailed quotation will be emailed to you.


As your surgeon, I will adapt my technique to match your specific anatomical findings and with respect to your wish list of desirable changes. Due to my decades of dedicated rhinoplasty surgery, I can call upon a vast array of techniques in order to safely cope with the myriad variants of nasal anatomy.

I prefer closed (endonasal) rhinoplasty for most of my patients in order to be respectful of nasal anatomy and avoid unnecessary surgical aggressiveness. In more complex cases, I use an “hybrid” closed approach that allows me to utilize techniques commonly used in the open approach (sutures, grafts) but without opening the nose. I opt for the open approach in severe malformations or in specific revision cases.


The nose is a complex structure in which form and function are intimately connected. Almost always, rhinoplasty is a septo-rhinoplasty because the septum not only plays a functional role, but also contributes to common problems of the external nose. Examples include: crooked nose, hump, drooping tip, excessive nasal length, over-projection of the nasal tip, just to name a few of the common deformities seen in my practice.

Inferior turbinates are probably the commonest cause of nasal obstruction, and their treatment is commonly associated with septo-rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty. Modern, minimally invasive endoscopic techniques allow the surgeon to manage these important structures precisely and conservatively.
Therefore, it is absolutely indispensable that your rhinoplasty surgeon possesses specialist training and substantial experience in treating problems of the internal nose.

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