How rhinoplasty is performed

Entrusted to Dr. Pietro Palma, an expert in rhinoplasty

Nose surgery is a serious and complex operation that requires mature thought, meticulous pre-operative planning, open discussion with the patient, and time to analyze the defect(s) and design a tailor-made surgical plan. These are the cornerstone of my practice. I will personally take your nasal and medical history, examine you thoroughly, and take high quality photographs for the critical pre-operative step of facial and nasal analysis. At this time, expressing your expectations and concerns become especially relevant. You will then be asked to step back from the consultation, think carefully about my advice, and attend for a second, and sometimes a third consultation.

I utilize the interval between the first and subsequent consultations for detailed facial and nasal analysis, with computer-assisted measurements of key parameters, in addition to creating simulations. Please remember that computer simulations are not a guarantee of outcome; however, I use them to assist you in expressing your wishes for change, and offering explanations of certain surgical techniques. For example, at times it may become necessary to operate on structures around the nose to achieve an excellent result. A chin implant, discrete and judicious use of grafts, resetting the tip of the nose into a new position, are all examples of how computer-assisted facial analysis can elucidate problems and shed light on solutions to complex situations.

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Rhinoplasty step by step

Consequently, I will create a tailor-made surgical game plan designed specifically for your needs. In addition, whether this is your first operation (primary rhinoplasty), or second (secondary rhinoplasty), these vital steps cannot be skipped or rushed. As a result, a few days of extra consideration and planning can lead to a life-time of satisfaction. Therefore, a highly personalised approach that takes your wishes and desires into consideration, and matches them with your unique facial characteristics leads to a set of manoeuvres in the operating room that are absolutely unique and match your aims. Your face is absolutely unique. The rhinoplasty operation must consequently reflect your totally unique situation.

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