Rhinoplasty costs

How much does it cost to perform rhinoplasty?

I understand that the cost of rhinoplasty is a major issue for a number of patients.
The decision to undergo rhinoplasty must never be rushed in order to find a cheaper alternative.
There is a huge difference between a surgeon performing rhinoplasty occasionally among many other procedures and a super specialist who has dedicated his professional life to rhinoplasty only, performed thousands of cases, and has developed a world-wide reputation. Simply hunting for the cheapest option on Google cannot be in your best interest and can expose you to the dangers of poor results with a subsequent increased risk of revision surgery in the future. You would expect to pay more for the services of a master craftsman compared to a novice or a non-specialist. The same applies to rhinoplasty.
Technically, rhinoplasty is an extremely demanding operation, quite different from other cosmetic surgeries. There is no standard cost because of the uniqueness of each individual nose. This situation is made even more challenging by previous rhinoplasties. More specifically, endonasal (closed) scarless rhinoplasty requires superior technical expertise, surgical maturity, tactile sense and artistic talent of higher rank.

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Perform an operation of rhinoplasty by an experienced plastic curator

The cost of rhinoplasty includes more than the operation itself. The estimation of the total cost should take into account the full spectrum of the services provided. A modern and fully equipped office, a tailor-made pre-operative plan, computer-assisted photo-analysis and simulations play a pivotal role in the quality of the final result.
Patient’s safety is my main concern. I prefer to perform the operation supported by an experienced anesthetist in a top-ranking clinic, equipped with high level technology, qualified personnel, and excellent accommodation. A 24 hour emergency unit also provides a safe environment that makes my international patients feel secure.
It might be a good idea to have a consultation with more than one rhinoplasty specialist surgeon before making the decision to go ahead. After careful consideration, feel free to contact me by email for a tentative cost estimate and treatment plan for your unique case.

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