The best rhinoplasty surgeon in Europe

Dr. Pietro Palma: the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Europe

Choosing the correct rhinoplasty surgeon for your requirements is vitally important. Mastering rhinoplasty takes decades of dedicated professional development, self-assessment, and absolute committment to results. Rhinoplasty has been called the “cream” of facial plastic operations for good reason: reshaping the nose can have a profound effect on its function, and have the power to enhance the patient’s sense of self-worth. As rhinoplasty deals with the delicate tissues of the nose, the surgeon’s skills come into sharp focus in every operation. The number of skills required to create a stable, naturally beautiful, and well-functioning nose run into the hundreds, and cannot simply be bought over the counter or learnt in a few short months.
Routinely I pose two questions to my patients: “Who referred you to me”, and “Why did you come to see me?” Approximately 70% of my cases are out-of-town patients, and 30% come from other countries. A large number of patients are doctors’ relatives. Frequently, my patients state: “I searched a lot on the internet, and came to visit you because you are the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Europe”. Although such statements are flattering, I remain a down-to-earth professional. Taking care of patients coming from distant lands is a huge responsibility.

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Dr. Pietro Palma: they say about me

The truth is that there is no one best rhinoplasty surgeon in Europe. There are a number of professionals that dedicate themselves to the art and science of rhinoplasty.
I have over 2 decades of rhinoplasty surgery experience. Being a dedicated rhinoplasty surgeon means that this complex operation is the sole focal point of my practice. In addition, I have had the honour and the privilege to serve for six consecutive years as the President of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (, the largest European scientific society of facial and nasal plastic surgery. For many years, I have trained and guided many rhinoplasty surgeons who are now excellent practitioners in their own right. Currently, I am serving as the Immediate Past- President of the International Federation of Facial Plastic Surgery Societies.
Excellent quality surgery costs a little more. As many cases referred to master rhinoplasty surgeons have already had disappointing results from elsewhere, it is worth your while to consider your options advisedly, and in a timely manner. In the final analysis, it may be worth waiting a while to seek the assistance and opinion of a master surgeon rather than rush into muddy waters.
The cheapest option is not always the wisest choice. After all, your own life experiences have already demonstrated that skilled labour of the highest quality costs more that the work of an apprentice. The bitter taste of a poor result will outlast the transient sweetness of a cheap deal.

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