Which problems are solved by rhinoplasty

All the purposes of a good rhinoplasty operation

Rhinoplasty or more correctly, septorhinoplasty refers to a large group of operations that can be carried out for a variety of reasons. Traditionally, rhinoplasty or a “nose job” has been classified into “functional,” or “cosmetic” categories. However, many patients present to me with a combination of functional and aesthetic problems that can be intimately linked. Therefore, nose reshaping should be more correctly thought of as an operation that results in a natural looking nose with improved functions.

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When to request rhinoplasty surgery

Common functional problems that respond to rhinoplasty include a sensation of a blocked or stuffy nose, dripping of mucous anteriorly or posteriorly, and at times, a poor sense of smell. The symptoms of a functional problem can easily mimic sinus disease and require thorough assessment by a specialist who can confidently execute nasal endoscopy and interpret adjunctive tests in order to fully resolve the problem.
Common cosmetic problems include nasal hump, deviated nose, twisted nose, crooked nose, drooping tip, bulbous tip, amorphous tip, hanging columella. In addition, some patients will present with a variable combination of these problems following previous trauma or surgery. Some patients’ noses develop into an undesirable shape. The sensitive issue of “ethnic” rhinoplasty must be approached with utmost care and an appreciation of the nuances of facial analysis, current trends, and cultural issues.
Furthermore, rhinoplasty can often be combined with operations aimed at the deeper structures of the nose, such as the turbinates, or even the sinus openings for patients who present with more complex problems. The treatment of snoring, disordered sleep breathing, and even sleep apnoea can require a septorhinoplasty as part of a holistic approach to these problems. Rhinoplasty remains on top of patients’ wish list for change, however, it should only be undertaken after careful consultation with an expert in the field. A world-renowned surgeon and super-specialist in rhinoplasty represents the ideal choice for patients seeking a septorhinoplasty or rhinoplasty.

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